It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with handbags. I’m still surprised by what I find even after collecting them for 25 years. I’ve owned vintage purses shaped like poodles, ones made from sterling silver, some crafted by prisoners and one that lit up when you opened it. But the ones I reach for when I’m running out the door are always big leather sacs…utilitarian yet stylish.

Mythology Themed Leather Moon Bag

Moon Bags were manufactured by Patricia Smith*, a Milwaukee-based artist, in the 80s. This quite an unusual Moon Bag. The bucket shape is unique, and the leather is printed with scenes from classical Greek mythology.

The small panel…which is also its cinch closure…echoes the theme of the leather. Cloth lined with a zippered pocket. Measures 9″x7″x13.” A great “everyday” purse with loads of room. The 36″ leather strap has been knotted for years so may not be easy to undo.

*For more information about Patricia Smith and her Moon Bags, see my blog. Patricia Smith herself even commented on it!: The Moon Bags Story.


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Erda Huge Handmade Leather Bag

These bags were made in the 1960s by hippies in Maine. Each one was created by hand and no two were alike. When you see one in person, you understand why: they were total free-form designs, very earthy but also extravagant, often embellished with semi-precious stones (as this one is).


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Brio Leather Hobo Bag

Love my 1980s Brio bags. What’s more practical that a big, soft, leather sac that’s practical and looks awesome? They’re the ones I grab most often to run around town all day because they fit so much stuff. This style is a classic hobo, made in this really cool, wrinkled leather that looks kind of washed or worn. I love the tassels and the leather covered rings. A great neutral tone, perfect for Spring, somewhere between taupe and light gray. Measures 18″ x 12″ with a 16″ strap.


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Brio Leather Sac

Love my 1980s Brio bags. What’s more practical that a big, soft leather sac that’s practical and looks awesome? They’re the ones I grab most often to run around town all day because they fit so much stuff…help the environment and use it as a tote.


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’20s Leather Evening Bag

Ok, so sometimes a simple little black bag is exactly what is needed. But don’t choose some boring clutch…this art deco piece is stunningly simple yet has some beautiful details, like the embossed silver frame and ruffled leather edge. And the leather is like butter! Measures 8″ x 7-1/2″ with a 13″ strap. Excellent condition.


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Gitano Canvas Weekend Bag

No matter how nice a bag looks, if it’s not utilitarian, it won’t meet any modern woman’s requirements. These Gitanos have taken me all over the world. They’re sturdy, yet lightweight and soft. You can stuff enough clothing in one for the weekend, use it as the perfect carry-on or pack one in your suitcase if you plan to do a lot of shopping! I love the vintage prints: no matter which you choose, it will soon become your “reach-for.” Measures 22″x 15″ x 7″.



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’60s Raffia Guitar Purse

Yes, you’re seeing what you think you’re seeing: a gigantic straw purse shaped like a guitar, detailed down to the frets and strings. Novelty purses were particularly popular in the 30s and 60s, and I love them for their humor, conversation value and attention to detail. Tag reads, “Lewis Imports Made in Italy.” All the best straw bags were made in Italy. Measures 18-1/2″ (another 7″ for the neck) x 12″ x 3″. Straw strap measures 36″.


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80s Huge Red Leather Brio Bag

Buttery soft leather bag by high quality 80s manufacturer Brio. Measures a huge 15″ x 14″ x 4.5″. Red cotton velvet lining. Top zipper closure with tassel pull. 48″ strap can be knotted shorter if desired. Excellent condition.


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70s Snakeskin Snake Handbag by Varon

Amazing (genuine) snakeskin bag is a collage of different colored snakeskins and brown suede…very cool and well done, and the bag itself is so practical and useful for everyday. Leather trim. Lined in vinyl. By Varon. Very roomy: measures 14.5″ x 11″ with 9.5″ double handles. Excellent condition, with slight scuffing to the leather trim and handles.


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