Funky Fur

There’s no more polarizing material than fur. We’re all forced to take a stance. I long ago decided that although I’m an animal lover and would never support the modern fur trade, wearing vintage fur is “green” and does no harm. As a bargain, vintage fur reigns supreme. No old lady fur for me; I go for short, cropped jackets, vests and smaller pieces that can be creatively incorporated into a modern wardrobe.

50s Fur Collar – Wear Lots of Ways – Lined in Velvet

Gorgeous gray/brown fur scarf is very soft and dense…I don’t know what kind of fur it is but it’s fox-like, but softer and denser. Lined in velvet. Has crochet-covered clips at the end so it can be clipped on a coat or sweater (photo 1)…or wrap it and clip it (photo 3.) It also has velvet ribbons that you can slip it through (photo 2). Really, there are so many possibilities. Perfect condition. 38″ long by 5″ wide.


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