90s Trash Couture Evening Gown

Roberto de Villacis started designing his "Trash Couture" line at the age of 24 in 1991. I purchased these from a woman who was the girlfriend of one of the Rolling Stones. They were custom made by Roberto for her in 1991-1993. They're rare because they're among his earliest pieces.The beautiful fabrics he used were recycled from couture houses, with semi-precious stones sewn on. He was very deliberate about how he shredded the fabric, making sure to leave enough fabric in areas that required coverage. He liked his pieces to be worn with jeans, but this dress definitely stands on its own. Carrie Underwood wears one of his bustiers on the cover of her recent album (he's still designing, in LA, today.) Measures size 2-4 (fabric is stretchy.) Floor length. Rock 'n' roll!

Price: $955.00

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