Designer and Other Great Stuff

Though we always have those specific pieces we long for and seek out every season, we also never know what we’re going to find on our shopping adventures, so this category is simply for those orphan items we love for a plethora of different reasons.

90s Trash Couture Evening Gown

Roberto de Villacis started designing his “Trash Couture” line at the age of 24 in 1991. I purchased these from a woman who was the girlfriend of one of the Rolling Stones. They were custom made by Roberto for her in 1991-1993. They’re rare because they’re among his earliest pieces.The beautiful fabrics he used were recycled from couture houses, with semi-precious stones sewn on. He was very deliberate about how he shredded the fabric, making sure to leave enough fabric in areas that required coverage. He liked his pieces to be worn with jeans, but this dress definitely stands on its own. Carrie Underwood wears one of his bustiers on the cover of her recent album (he’s still designing, in LA, today.) Measures size 2-4 (fabric is stretchy.) Floor length. Rock ‘n’ roll!


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80s Calvin Klein Wool Crepe Jacket

A simple piece that’s highly representative of Klein’s timeless, minimalistic style. In wool crepe, one of his signature fabrics. Measures 34″ bust, 28″ waist, 24″ sleeves, 21″ long.


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80s Moschino Liquid Gold Dress

Dressing up doesn’t have to be serious if you’re wearing Moschino. This dress is sexy and so unique. Tag reads, “Made in Italy Size 12 US.” Zips up the back. Measures 32″ bust, 27″ long.


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70s Black and White Wool Blazer

A classic blazer with the signature puff sleeves of the 70s. I own this same jacket (in a different wool tweed) and it’s the one I reach for most often when the weather turns chilly. By, “Peabody House.” Measures 36″ bust, 32″ waist, 24″ sleeves,  21″ long.


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70s John Marks Halter Dress

I always search for pieces made in England in the 60s and 70s, when London was the center of fashion and dictated trends to the rest of the world. You would think these pieces were plentiful, but they’re not, because at that time, garments were hand-crafted, made in small batches, sold in indie boutiques and not exported. This dress is so simple and elegant…a timeless design. The top is satin and the bottom is rayon. Tag reads, “John Marks Made in England This Garment Should Be Dry-Cleaned.” Zips up the back. Measures 35″ bust, 26″ waist, 47″ long.


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80s Victor Costa Cocktail Dress

With all due respect to Mr. de la Renta, he didn’t invent the cocktail dress. Neither did Victor Costa, but he was the first to re-invent it for a new generation in the 80s, when the 50s hourglass silhouette was resurging in a big way. This dress is dramatic yet simple somehow, with a fitted bodice and ruffled skirt. Silk dupioni. By Victor Costa. Zips up the back. Measures 34″ bust,  26″ waist, 42″ long.


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50s Rare French Floral Umbrella

Unbelievably gorgeous and rare French made umbrella from the 1950s. This is a usable umbrella, NOT a parasol. Very well made with two layers of (I think) nylon fabric that is very sturdy. Lots of spokes also give it strength. I use one of these and it’s nothing like a new umbrella…it keeps its shape even in strong wind…will not break! Besides that, it’s gorgeous, with a beautiful blue floral print on the inside, light blue on the outside. Handle is silver and embellished with a huge amethyst jewel on the handle. Anyone who collects these will know that this is the creme de la creme of vintage umbrellas! I’m listing another, very similar one as well, which I bought from the same woman. Measures 34″ long. Mint unused condition.


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50s Mini Travel Umbrella

Nice smaller-sized umbrella, great to tuck in a tote bag. Original case. Measures 20″ long. Excellent condition.


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50s Colorful Cotton Voile Sundress

Sweet 50s dress is made from cotton voile. Measures 32″ bust, 24″ waist, 35″ length. Excellent condition.


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