In August 1977, 45 year old Aviva Weinblatt was unhappily married to corporate lawyer Moishe Weinblatt, living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and working as an investment banker at Drexel, Burnham Lambert, when a chance visit to Studio 54 with her manicurist Rosie “Cutie” Sanchez changed her life.  As she sat in the secret V.I.P. basement room of the club, talking with Truman Capote and Halston about David Berkowitz, who was just then terrorizing New Yorkers as the “Son Of Sam” serial killer, Aviva had an epiphany and realized that her buttoned-down, uptown life needed a touch of glitter.  In that moment, she decided to leave Moishe and Drexel and devote herself to herself.  With the money she got from her lucrative divorce, Aviva moved downtown and threw herself into philanthropy and nightlife with the energy of six Minnellis.  She immediately dropped the “Weinblatt” and became known to everyone as “Aviva!”  These pictures were taken by Christopher Makos in front of her Spring Street home and appeared in the January, 1978 issue of Interview Magazine. – DAVID

About Chelsea Girl Vintage

ELISA CASAS (that's me) was born and raised in New York City. I have a BFA in Photography from NYU and worked as a photojournalist and talent scout for major record labels before opening Chelsea Girl in 1993. I also owned Laurel Canyon Vintage, Clutch! and a popular cafe, City Girl Cafe. I star in the groundbreaking Sundance series, “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys” with my best friend, David Munk.
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