1977 – “I can still hear you saying, you would never break the chain”

ELISA is wearing a 1970s hand crocheted sweater, a Wayne Rogers (not MASH) leopard t-shirt, Missoni metallic scarf, a 1979 No Nukes belt buckle, Fornarina Denim, and a spray of cascading gold chains (see detail).  DAVID is wearing mid-70s from head to toe, including a pair of Boeing Carrera aviators and deadstock denim.


I owned this bottle of gold in the 70s, lost it, then re-bought it again on Ebay a few years ago!


In New York City in the mid 1970s, wearing layer upon layer of fine gold chains became the rage for fashionable women. The goal was to have at least five cascading around your neck. They HAD to be 14 karat and they HAD to be different lengths and styles: “s” (snake), herringbone, box, link, rope…the selection was endless. Paradoxically, the city was in the midst of a severe urban crisis – recession, inflation, high unemployment, potential bankruptcy – and crime was rampant. Women risked their precious chains (and lives) by riding the buses and subways, where the chains were commonly snatched right off their necks. Although you could hide your chains under your clothing in the winter, chain-snatching was a summer threat we all endured, along with blackouts, Jaws and serial killer, the Son of Sam. -ELISA

These shoes are new old stock. Just got 'em.


About Chelsea Girl Vintage

ELISA CASAS (that's me) was born and raised in New York City. I have a BFA in Photography from NYU and worked as a photojournalist and talent scout for major record labels before opening Chelsea Girl in 1993. I also owned Laurel Canyon Vintage, Clutch! and a popular cafe, City Girl Cafe. I star in the groundbreaking Sundance series, “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys” with my best friend, David Munk.
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